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As a serendipitous creation, Zombie DF feminized is the happiest supernatural mistake the cannabis industry has ever encountered. These feminized seeds appeared due to accidental pollination between three legendary strains?Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Durban Poison, and OG Kush. As a result, this sativa-dominant hybrid retained only the best traits of its parents.

Don’t be fooled by this strain’s moniker, though. While it delivers an intense and psychedelic cerebral high, the spicy, floral smoke is highly energizing. The cultivar’s indica lineage prevents you from becoming hyperactive by grounding you with its relaxing physical effects.

The strain?s great resin production and sativa-heavy traits speak for themselves. Boasting THC levels as high as 23%, a sweet aroma, and excellent effects, this hybrid secured its place in the cannabis hall of fame. The small stature of these plants (2.5?4.5 feet tall) coupled with various outstanding growth traits makes these seeds a breeze to cultivate.

With these seeds commercially available, there’s no need to restock on this stuff at your local dispensary. Are you ready for the psychedelic trip of a lifetime?

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