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Yumbolt is a rare cannabis cultivar originally bred in Humboldt County, California?hence its cool-sounding name. The regular Yumbolt strain contains genetics from various landrace strains, while Yumbolt autoflower is a cross between Yumbolt and Lowryder 2. As a result, you get non-photoperiod and female-only cannabis plants from Yumbolt autoflower seeds.

This indica-dominant strain is adored for its potent physical effects. A few puffs of Yumbolt leaves your body buzzing with a heavy stone. Expect to feel relaxed, calm, content, and sedated. There?s also a tinge of sativa-like effects that clear your mind and elevate your mood.

Yumbolt autoflower plants grow anywhere from 2?4.5 feet tall and produce enormous colas with pinecone-shaped nugs. These buds are covered in fiery orange pistils and sport a thick sheet of resin. They emit a tropical rainforest smell, with hints of sweet berries and moss.

Yumbolt autoflower seeds aren?t the best choice for novice cultivators, but intermediate and experienced growers can easily add this strain to their indoor or outdoor garden

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