White Widow x Crystal Autoflower Seeds


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White Widow x Crystal autoflower is a legendary mash-up of 420 community all-time favorites. Although the cultivar doesn’t have the most inventive name, it’s as critically acclaimed and beloved as its parents. A pinch of ruderalis completes this ingenious concoction, providing fast flowering and hardy plants.

The dense frosty trichome-covered buds from this indica dominant hybrid deliver profound effects that take you on an uplifting soul-cleansing journey. The first chapter induces waves of cerebral clarity and uncontrollable happiness. Before long, a serene sense of relaxation takes over every inch of your body.

White Widow x Crystal Meth autoflower seeds grow into visually stunning plants that reach a maximum of five feet tall, making them an ideal choice for indoor cultivation. Intermediate gardeners will have tons of fun using training techniques to get the most out of this cannabis during its short life cycle.

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