White Widow x California Snow Autoflower Seeds


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A popular strain famed for delivering energetic bursts of zesty flavor, the White Widow x California Snow autoflower is well on its way to becoming an award-winning classic. The sativa dominant blend is mild compared to other stronger hybrids with a 15?18% THC content.

Taking its frosty bud look from one of its parents, it only reaches a maximum height of 4ft. The plant is stocky, and the lateral branches can grow as wide as 2ft. The tips of the plant look like snow-capped peaks of frosty goodness, contrasted by the thick foliage of dark green leaves.

The White Widow heritage gives users increased creativity, with some doing a bit of profound thinking during the experience. It provides a balance of cerebral stimulation with a relaxing physical effect for hours of blissful serenity. It’s a popular strain for lazy weekends spent on the couch in the company of friends.This cannabis plant emits a strong citrus scent with a musky, earthy tone.

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