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Talk about the pillar of the Dutch coffee-shop industry, the thick, sticky smoke that floods your lungs, and you have White Widow Regular. This Sativa-dominant hybrid was the offspring of an exceptional cross between Brazilian and South Indian strains. These origins can give you great insight into why this strain is so popular today.

This particular strain provides an uplifting high with powerful medicinal qualities to help fight negativity and stress. It features an intense smoke; sweet, sour, earthy aroma with a hint of spice. It?s fantastic for starting the day because it offers a creative, energetic head high.

White Widow regular stands out with its dense buds, bright orange pistils, and distinct aroma. Small and compact, the buds of this strain are covered in a fine layer of frosty white trichomes with hints of orange-brown leaves occasionally poking through.

Plants grow to about 80cm and have a flowering time of about 50-55 days. It is a workable variant, especially for beginners seeking an easy-to-grow plant with a good yield.

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