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The White Russian cannabis strain takes your mind and body on a stimulating yet soothing journey. It kicks things off with a powerful head high that lifts your spirits and declutters your thoughts. These buds then focus their attention on relieving you of any stress by triggering intense physical relaxation.

These feminized cannabis seeds came out of the Netherlands almost 20 years ago, after breeders mixed AK-47 with White Widow. The blend of these two iconic cannabis strains led to an indica-dominant cultivar with potent levels of THC. These buds caused such a buzz they won the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Bright green nugs crown these gorgeous plants with orange hairs and a thick layer of amber trichomes. Walking into a room with these flowers fills your nostrils with a pungent yet satisfying earthy odor with undertones of lemon. These flavors continue on your tongue, only to transform into a spicy mixture as you release its thick smoke from your lungs.

These indica-heavy plants can grow up to 4.9 feet tall. You?ll need to manage their size using various training methods if you decide to cultivate indoors.

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