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True OG feminized is a miracle cultivar, a true gift from the gods. Originating from the Topanga Canyon in California, this west-coaster has won multiple awards for being its wholesome self. Who can blame it? Its OG Kush genetics make it almost impossible for the masterpiece to disappoint.

The indica-dominant prot?g? exhibits the best of its predecessor’s properties, giving a most sought-for gentle yet sufficient buzz. It instantly stimulates your mind, enabling a dreamy, refreshing state to take over. It then swiftly whooshes away any mental fog. A nice relaxing buzz finally washes over, soothing you both mentally and physically.

True OG feminized seeds sprout sturdy 2?4 feet tall plants with exquisite retro physiques. Deep blazing orange pistils perfectly adorn the compact, pale green, pine-cone-shaped buds. They’re heavily laden with dense white trichomes, giving them an enticing glittering snowy look. A divine skunk aroma with lemon and citrus notes tickles the nose in just the right way, leaving behind luscious hints of pine.

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