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Triangle Kush feminized got its name from the shape formed by Florida cities: Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville?where cannabis enthusiasts found the indica dominant strain. A lot of mystery surrounds this cultivar, but many believe Hindu Kush, Chemdawg, and Lemon Thai to be the proud parents.

Until recent years, this strain was clone-only, but now Triangle Kush feminized seeds are available. Expect large yields from this fruity-smelling cannabis. It makes a wonderful companion on lazy days by producing deep relaxation with opposing refreshing effects. Save this one for late afternoon or early evening, as you won?t get much done once it?s in your system.

Beginners will love Triangle Kush feminized seeds because they?re easy to grow and thrive in or out. The strain has a high germination rate, and you don?t need to fish out males. Thanks to the crop?s high resistance to disease, mold, and pests, simple maintenance is enough to reap the rewards. The plants can grow up to 5ft tall and offer very generous yields.

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