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Trainwreck begins with a rapid hurtle of refreshing to the mind. In place of a cup of coffee, it offers a unique brand of stimulation that is both intensely energizing and reinvigorating.

Its name is highly suggestive of how the onset slams into the head. Indeed, the strain does contain an insanely high amount of THC. However, there is more to the name than what it alludes to.

Allegedly, the strain traces its root to a small town called Arcata in northern California. It was the 70s and its existence during those times, to say the least, needed privacy.

An unfortunate accident involving a train derailing caused a swarm of authorities flooding into the scene. It also happened to be extremely close to the house of the original breeders of the strain. For fear of discovery, most of the plants were destroyed, except for a few remarkable strains – one of which was subsequently called Trainwreck.

Much of the effects of the strain is cerebral. And, that is to be expected of a cross between two Sativa plants – Mexican and Thai. A third strain, an Afghani Indica, gave it the ability to complement the mental high with soothing qualities as well as alter its growth traits to be shorter and quicker.

Having a high amount of alpha-pinene terpene distinguishes it from other strains, making it a reliable source for reality management.

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