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The Tijuana feminized strain is a prime example of a wake and bake masterpiece. This sativa-dominant hybrid fills you with energy and positivity within seconds of entering your lungs. Your mind remains clear throughout your high, keeping you on your toes and enhancing your creativity.

These cannabis seeds come from breeders mixing Originale Haze with Kali Mist. The result was a sativa-heavy strain with enough THC to become the life of any party. Both parent cultivars contain minimal indica genetics, so expect these buds to target your mind rather than your body.

These innocent-looking nugs display traditional green and amber hues along with light brown hairs woven throughout. A thick layer of white trichome frosting covers each flower, signaling its potency. As you enter a room with these buds, a delicious mixture of wood and dank earth fills your lungs. It then leaves you with the taste of lemons in your mouth.

These plants grow like skyscrapers and can reach up to nine feet in height when left unattended. Cultivators can expect medium-sized harvests regardless of where you plant your cannabis seeds, but they require additional training if raised indoors.

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