Tangie x Chocolope Feminized Seeds


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Tangie x Chocolopes mood enhancement and easy growing qualities draw the attention of growers from all spheres. Creating this potent cannabis strain, cultivators combine genetics from Tangie?from a lineage of Skunk and award-winning California Orange?and Chocolope, with the ancestry traits of Cannalope and Haze.

This hybrid, also known as Tangilope, owns a wellnessy terpene profile that exudes strong flavors and aromas. You’ll enjoy fruity citrus notes and a taste of chocolatey, caramel-infused coffee with every toke.

At four feet tall, these sativa dominant crops hold indica growing tendencies. They grow into short, bushy cannabis plants. The feminized characteristics make growing a pleasure since cultivators don’t have to remove male plants. These cannabis crops present refreshing green nugs with orange pistils covered in trichomes at harvest time. The buds have an exotic blended aroma of citrus and chocolate.

Well known for its get-up-and-go effects, fans of this strain enjoy the powerful, energizing, and refreshing effects that instantly heighten your mood. Staying focused is one of the many qualities enjoyed after each toke. THC levels encourage the potent but smooth cerebral buzz.

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