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Looking for the perfect after-dinner smoke? Tahoe Kush feminized is a well-balanced, indica-dominant hybrid that’s potent enough to put anyone to sleep. As the offspring of SFV OG and OG Kush, this new-generation masterpiece has won the affection of many consumers worldwide.

With THC levels up to 22%, Tahoe Kush quickly washes away worries. Although this hybrid leans toward its indica heritage, it combines the best traits of both its parents. When consumed, it induces cerebral upliftment. A blissful sense of contentment followed by lingering drowsiness sets in as time goes by.

While this cannabis is the ideal nightcap, setting you up for a fantastic tomorrow, high quantities can have incapacitating effects.

Tahoe Kush feminized buds, when properly cured, emit an invigorating citrus-pine fragrance, underlined with notes of peppery spice.

Plants developed from these seeds are the ideal choice for novice cultivators. They’re straightforward to grow, and under optimal conditions, you?ll reap moderate yields?11 oz./? of sweet and sticky cannabis indoors and 14 oz. per plant outdoors.

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