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Sweet Tooth is a high-yielding, indica-dominant hybrid. Breeders created this strain by crossing landraces from Afghanistan, Nepal, and Hawaii. The resulting cultivar has won several Cannabis Cup awards for its sweet fruity fragrance and flavors and potent relaxing high.

Sweet Tooth feminized seeds sprout into short, compact plants that rarely grow higher than three feet. Lime green buds punctuated by orange-yellow pistils form dense spirals around the branches. The bulbous flowers accumulate a thick layer of trichomes as they mature.

A rich aroma emanates from ripe Sweet Tooth buds, filling the room with a sugary sweet, fruity fragrance with distinct floral notes. Smoking the sweet-smelling buds delivers a fast-acting, long-lasting cerebral high and a deeply relaxing physical buzz. Increased consumption leads to a slothful and sedative high, perfect for whiling away a lazy evening.

An abundance of pure landrace genetics provides Sweet Tooth with plenty of desirable growth characteristics. This hardy and tolerant cultivar is easy to grow and relatively low maintenance.

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