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Sweet Island feminized seeds first appeared in Vancouver around the 90s, where they set the cannabis scene ablaze. This sativa-heavy hybrid contains high levels of THC, capable of sending you on an immediate refreshing journey. You can look forward to increased energy levels and productivity after smoking these buds.

Breeders combined Skunk #1 with a mysterious hybrid to create the iconic Sweet Island feminized seeds. They adopt most of their characteristics from the former parent cultivar, including their ability to produce fast-flowering plants and heavy yields. On the other hand, the secret strain influences the unique flavor and fragrance of these potent nugs.

Tightly-packed flowers, displaying a range of green hues, form on the long branches of these plants. You?ll notice a sea of fine, orange hairs woven throughout these buds, along with a dense layer of amber trichomes. Breaking these nugs open releases a sweet, fruity smell into the air. When smoked, these flavors continue on your tongue with a subtle taste of spice.

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