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Brace yourself for an energizing ride with Sugar Haze regular cannabis. This cannabis plant is tailored to give you a wild, uplifting ride with a long-lasting high for a well-deserved chill. The enticing mixture, energizing rush, and soothing sensations are great to wrap up a busy workday.

Sugar Haze regular comes from two legacy strains: Santa Marta and Haze. The finished product is a cannabis plant with one of the most significant THC content found in the sativa family. These nugs aren?t for the meek or faint-hearted. They require some tolerance to be enjoyed.

Buds from Sugar Haze regular seeds are compact and sticky, covered with thick layers of trichomes, making them look all sugar-coated. The effect creates a strong contrast with the solid green colors of the plant adorned with darkened orange pistils.

When you?re dealing with Sugar Haze cannabis, the plant states its presence with strong terpenes mixing fruity undertones with spices. This fast-growing cultivar can quickly grow close to eight feet tall on its own in the open while offering a generous yield.

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