Strawberry Kush Feminized Seeds


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Strawberry Kush is one of the many fruity choices in the market that freshen up the mind and the body with its sweetly holistic effects. Unwinding comes easily, encapsulating the relaxing essence of Kush varieties.

It is a well-balanced hybrid with striking colors. The bud’s bag appeal is also in part due to its distinct and highly memorable aroma.

Making up Strawberry Kush are two prominent strains that have gained widespread recognition worldwide. OG Kush, in the United States, is deemed as the backbone of the west coast where numerous classics descended from and continues to serve as a genetic base. The addition of the Sativa dominant Strawberry Cough added a tangy flavor to go along with a gentle boost on the mental stimulation.

Apart from the traits, Strawberry Kush also took the best growing characteristics of its predecessors so much so that it is more resilient and tolerant of climate changes. Furthermore, this strain is made available for cultivators – both home and commercial – in feminized seeds by BRAND. Starting from these seeds means there is almost no chance of males showing up to corrupt the ladies. As a result of not discarding any pollen-carrying plants, the total harvest can be at its optimum.

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