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Cheese is an aptly-named cannabis strain that delivers a unique delicacy to your taste buds. Its auto variant crosses the legendary Skunk #1 x Afghani x White Widow blend with Critical+ auto. The result is indica-dominant, short, non-photoperiod, and surprisingly high-yielding. The original cultivar has been in the limelight since the 1980s. Cheese autoflowering seeds let busy modern-day cultivators savor the same quality in a smaller package.

The name refers to the aroma, whose pungency elevates Skunk #1 to new heights. This bouquet is contentious among enthusiasts, but it ensured notoriety for the strain. Unlike the debatable fragrance, the effect profile is classic of an indica. It gets you couch-locked, grinning, and reaching for a snack.

Cultivation is an intermediate task due to this auto?s short seed-to-harvest period, but indica growth patterns are there to help you out. Crops rarely stretch past two feet in height, displaying a recognizable Christmas tree structure. Their moss green-and-orange color scheme only gets more impressive as they develop a thick trichome coating.

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