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The real story with Strawberry Banana Cheese feminized is its taste, flavor, and aroma. While ?best tasting cannabis? is subjective, this appetizing strain must surely be in the conversation. The mostly indica cultivar is the lovechild of a strain menage-a-trois, with Strawberry and Banana Kush making an intriguing unison with Cheese.

The Bubble Gum strain?s flavor is where the strawberry taste originates from. The banana hails from Banana Kush. Cheese is a UK strain with links to a Skunk #1 phenotype noted for its particularly pungent aroma.

First, cultivators combined the strawberry and banana (a.k.a. Strawnana). This fruity combo was then refined with the Cheese?s renowned sour cheddar flavor to create a truly delectable sensation. No surprises, then, that this strain has a rich terpene profile and dense buds covered in shimmering, frosty trichomes.

The plants are bushy, growing to a height of around five feet. The cannabis crop smells fruity with hints of pine, rosemary, and sour tone.

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