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Sour Lemon, or Sour Lemon OG, is a tangy, sativa-dominant hybrid delivering a solid cerebral high followed by deep relaxation. Breeders created Sour Lemon by crossing two well-loved cultivars; California Sour and Lemon OG. The result is an easy-to-grow phenotype providing generous rewards to the patient cultivator.

The predominance of sativa genetics inherited from Cali Sour gives this ganja its signature flavor and energizing mental high. Mood-boosting, elevating effects make Sour Lemon an excellent party ganja. A long-lasting uplifting high eventually gives way to tension-relieving relaxation.

Our Sour Lemon feminized seeds produce tall, slender plants exhibiting sativa growth characteristics. With a flowering time of eleven weeks, Sour Lemon grows to heights of up to five and a half feet. As flowering begins, buds sprout and grow from every direction. The bright green fluffy nugs develop a fine coating of trichomes and milky white pistils with a tantalizing and tangy lemon aroma.

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