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Skywalker x GSC seeds result from the collaboration of Dutch breeders, blending two popular cannabis strains to create a balanced hybrid. This hybrid delivers a harmonious experience, leaving users relaxed and at ease throughout the evening.

With a potential height of five feet upon maturity, these plants exhibit primarily indica traits, showcasing their beauty during flowering with lush green buds adorned with pink hairs, and yield resinous nuggets that emit a sweet aroma. Each inhalation treats the palate to a delightful combination of butter and refreshing citrus flavors, making every puff more enjoyable than the last.

Ideal for evening gatherings with friends, these delectable buds serve as an excellent social enhancer. Users often report experiencing mental clarity and a gradually sedating effect that encourages a peaceful night’s sleep.

These robust plants thrive in various environments, demonstrating resistance to pests and diseases. Before long, you’ll be harvesting medium to heavy yields of exceptional cannabis.

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