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Skunk #1, a pioneer in the cannabis realm for over four decades, has left an indelible mark. Despite its iconic status, there’s always room for enhancement. The strategic fusion with Early Pearl has given rise to Early Skunk, a variety characterized by an expedited flowering period and increased resistance to mold. Retaining the energetic, creative buzz that elevated its lineage to elite status, Early Skunk is a testament to evolution.

On the other hand, Rosetta Stone stands out as a top-tier production cultivar, boasting a swift flowering time and the capability to yield dense, highly resinous buds. By crossbreeding these two hybrids, the objective was not merely to preserve Skunk’s traits but to elevate its yield. Homegrown Cannabis Co. takes this ambition a step further by introducing Ruderalis genes, offering the resulting progeny as fast version seeds. The advantage becomes evident during the flowering stage, where the buds reach full maturity in just six weeks.

It’s crucial to note that Rosetta Skunk Fast Version is not an auto-flowering cultivar. It relies on light cycles to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering period.

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