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You’re probably familiar with Skunk feminized, whether you’re aware of it or not. Since creating this powerful Californian babe in the 70s, she’s parented countless strains we’ve come to love today. With Afghani genes, it’s no surprise it’s dominantly indica with just enough sativa to maintain a truce between the properties.

Skunk feminized seeds birth potent buds that hit you with intense relaxation impossible to ignore. Stressful thoughts begin to dreamily detangle, completing this beautiful sense of calm. The cherry on top? Bursts of energy blend in perfectly, so you remain active yet uplifted throughout your day.

As if the pleasant effects aren’t enough, Skunk feminized cannabis seeds sprout gorgeous herbs bound to make you blush. The 3?7 feet tall plants have wellnessy dark green leaves that complement their retro physique. Elegant bright orange-red hairs adorn the sparkling silver-green buds that have a pleasant fruity and skunky aroma.

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