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Skunk fast feminized seeds are a modification of the original Skunk #1 strain. What makes this variant special is that it produces an all-female crop, flowers quicker, and still maintains most of the same legendary flavors and effects.

The classic emerged on the 420 scene in the 1970s and gained popularity almost instantly. In some parts of the world, the UK in particular, the term ‘Skunk’ is used synonymously with any strain of high-THC cannabis. Although this is inaccurate, it shows the extent of Skunk #1’s impact in cannabis circles.

Skunk fast feminized seeds produce indica-dominant hybrid plants. Each bud is bright green and appears almost neon in the sunlight. They feature brassy orange-brown pistils that enhance the aesthetics even further. The plant has a strong, distinct aroma, and most tokers can detect it from a moderate distance. Once you grind the nugs, it intensifies, and it becomes hard to resist the classic cannabis smell.

The effects are both cerebral and physical, thanks to the high THC content ranging between 15% and 18%. Skunk fast feminized seeds grow into compact crops with an average height of 2?3 feet.

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