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Skunk Diesel feminized is a cross between Sensi Skunk and NYC Diesel. Both of these strains are epic in their own rights. The Sensi Skunk (indica-dominant) and NYC Diesel (sativa-dominant) combine to make this fantastic indica-dominant hybrid with a THC content of 15?20% and a CBD content of <1%. The combination of these two popular strains creates a refreshing head high and a relaxed body buzz. After you consume the bright green buds covered in amber pistils and crystally white trichomes, the experience creeps up on you. This indica-dominant strain is best enjoyed in the evening for a chill session after work. The pungent smell of skunk makes it hard to hide from nearby noses. The citrusy notes make it hard to resist partaking in a toke. Be sure to keep some food and a couch nearby because this baby can fire up the munchies and some serious couchlock. Growing a tasty batch from Skunk Diesel feminized seeds is a breeze. As a typical indica, you?ll see a 4 foot tall, bushy plant develop before your eyes.

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