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Very little needs to be said about the Skunk strain in ways of quality. This highly reputed cultivar is the main basis of an endless number of hybrids out there. Skunk autoflower seeds are the lovechild of Colombian Gold and Afghani mixed with ruderalis genes. The combination offers the perfect seeds for an experienced gardener with a packed schedule.

The deeply relaxing high offered by Skunk autoflower comes from the respectable 10?15% THC content on it. The plant grows medium-sized at 4.5 feet tall with densely packed nugs sugar-coated with trichomes. The solid green colors are highlighted by their diverse shades, along with the orange-reddish pistils adorning the flowers.

As much as the flavor and smell of Skunk autoflower take the spotlight, the effect of this cannabis is the true protagonist. This indica dominant strain boosts your mood faster than a snap of your fingers with inspiration rushing in.

Skunk autoflower takes a bit more work than feminized and regular seeds since this plant variant grows faster. However, you?re rewarded with high-class yields and the joy of trying a classic strain.

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