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Sirius Black predates its namesake from the Harry Potter series, making its debut in the early 1980s. Its nomenclature is inspired by its distinctive plum coloring, adding an element of mystique to its genetic origins, which remain undisclosed. However, the strain’s allure lies in its bag appeal and enduring body high, attesting to its exceptional quality.

Oregon Breeders Group, based in Portland, undertook the ambitious “Sirius Black Project” with the aim of crafting impeccable dark-purple buds. The success of this endeavor is evident in the cultivar, showcasing consistently impressive color even without subjecting the buds to cold-shocking.

Beyond its aesthetic and gustatory delights, Sirius Black stands out as a refreshing powerhouse. It delivers comprehensive effects and induces a feel-good combination of mental and physical sensations. The high unfolds with a cerebral uplift, culminating in a profound sense of relaxation, catering to both therapeutic and recreational enthusiasts in search of a tranquil experience.

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