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Now you can grow your own great-tasting, award-winning ganja with Shiskaberry Kush feminized seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid won second place in the 2001 High Time Cannabis Cup, and it?s been a hit ever since. Shiskaberry Kush is the offspring of Blueberry, OG Kush, and Afghani. It?s known for its amazing flavors, undemanding nature, and powerful effects.

An uplifting mental buzz comes first, sending your mind to a carefree psychedelic space. The indica effects then kick in, immersing your body in total relaxation. Besides its potent high, Shiskaberry Kush is famous for its delicious flavor and fragrance. If you couldn?t guess, this dessert strain tastes and smells like sweet strawberries and blueberries. The flavors conjure up visions of freshly picked berries after the summer rain.

Cultivating Shiskaberry Kush feminized seeds is straightforward and appropriate for all experience levels. It?s a breathtaking plant with emerald green leaves and tightly clustered nugs. The buds are sugar-coated with resin, like sweet rock candies sprinkled with hot orange pistils.

Even though Shiskaberry Kush is indica dominant, the crop grows up to 7 feet. You won?t be disappointed with the large harvest. We?re sure your mouth is watering by now.

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