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Purple Thai is one of the oldest-known cannabis cultivars in the world. It?s a cross between Chocolate Thai, a blend of premium Thai landrace strains, and Highland Oaxacan Gold, a pure sativa variety. The former serves as the foundation of Purple Thai?s genetics, promising powerful cerebral effects, distinct flavors, and exquisite-looking cannabis crops.

A couple of tokes is enough to guarantee a rush of energetic, uplifting, and refreshing feelings. These hard-hitting sensations make it more suited to seasoned stoners, although newbies can enjoy Purple Thai in moderation. These buds boast a strong yet appealing fragrance of earthy, chocolate, nutty, and coffee notes.

Purple Thai feminized plants reach up to nine feet indoors and a whopping 13 feet outdoors. These lanky crops develop gorgeous buds that shine with vibrant purple, green, and orange hues. With a thick coat of glittering trichomes, Purple Thai offers substantial resin production.

Purple Thai isn?t beginner-friendly, as these ganja plants need a skilled hand. Those with enough experience will enjoy growing this rewarding and high-yielding strain.

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