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Put on your spacesuit and get ready to blast off to a faraway galactic quadrant with Purple Star Killer feminized. This powerful indica-dominant hybrid contains high levels of THC and is a willing participant for any veteran cannabis user looking for a challenge. With a gentle cerebral buzz providing mental clarity, Purple Star Killer feminized takes its time clearing your mind before the creeping, relaxing heavy-body stone orbits your body.

This potent ganja variant has a proud lineage as a cross between two indica hybrids. Purple Kush and Star Killer are the parent strains, so we can see where Purple Star Killer feminized got its name. The force is strong with this magnificent Afghani landrace descendant.

Purple Star Killer feminized cannabis plants grow like a typical indica, taking on a bushy appearance with dense forest-green foliage. The appearance of amber trichomes and a coat of sticky, crystal resin cover the buds making Purple Star Killer feminized plants a galactic joy to view near harvest time. Notable yet pleasant earthy and citrusy aromas emit from the buds, delighting your senses.

Purple Star Killer feminized plants reach moderate heights of 5ft but require lateral space so cultivators can maintain the thick foliage by trimming or pruning.

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