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Distinguished by its rose-colored and exceptionally adhesive buds, Pinkman Goo stands out as one of the recent entrants in the cannabis market. Sporting a unique genetic mutation that causes resin to cluster prominently on its surface, this cultivar elevates its bag appeal and potency.

Believed to be a hybrid of Granddaddy Purple, Grape Ape, and Northern Lights, Pinkman Goo emerges as a trichome powerhouse with an indica-dominant genetic composition, moderate THC levels, delightful fruit flavors, and a blissfully relaxing effect.

What sets Pinkman Goo apart is its remarkable tree-like ability to exude sap from every direction, forming substantial resin globs. This distinct trait, consistently displayed by only a handful of cannabis strains, contributes to its high desirability among enthusiasts.

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