Pink Rozay Fem



Pink Rozay seeds are the result of indica-dominant crosses between Lemoncello and Lemon Pound Cake strains. This particular strain stands out with its exceptional bag appeal and harmonious, well-balanced effects, a fact underscored by its triumph at the Emerald Cup 2021 Awards Show, attesting to its quality. Much like a premium rosé, the cannabis cultivated from feminized Pink Rozay seeds exudes sophistication and allure, boasting a violet hue, sweet aroma, trichome abundance, and proving to be a delight to cultivate and enjoy.

Featuring a vibrant floral flavor, a calming body high, and uplifting cerebral effects, this feel-good smoke is an absolute must-try. Growers appreciate its robust structure, uncomplicated growth, and the moderate yields of top-tier buds it delivers.


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