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Pine is a high-yielding sativa-dominant cultivar with potent cerebral effects. Breeders created this autoflowering variety of the regular Pine strain to create a low-maintenance growing experience. Without worrying about photoperiods, you can focus on cultivating huge harvests of delicious buds.

Pine autoflower seeds sprout into taller than usual plants for autoflowers. The addition of ruderalis genes keeps the height-to-width ratio at about 2:1. This strain is notorious for the huge colas it develops during flowering. Rich green buds become covered in a thick coating of trichomes as harvest nears.

Given its name, it?s no surprise that mature Pine buds emit a deep earthy aroma rich with forest-fresh pine notes. Sparking a bowl of cured Pine buds delivers a powerful, long-lasting mental high. The invigorating buzz can deliver a shot of midday energy to keep you going; just don?t schedule any afternoon meetings.

If you?ve grown before, you?ll have no problems with these Pine autoflower seeds. While they?re a little bigger and slower to flower than many auto strains, this high-quality plant is worth the wait.

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