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Oregon Peach feminized seeds have an obscure genetic heritage. There’s consensus that Oregon Afghani is one parent, but the rest of the strain’s lineage remains a mystery. Some of the effects and plant structure hint at a possible Kush ancestor, but there’s no way to be certain.

The strain is a balanced hybrid with indica-leaning properties. It contains impressive THC levels ranging from 16?20%. Its CBD levels are pretty low and average around 0.3%.

Oregon Peach feminized has rapid but soothing, focused cerebral effects. The strain induces an uplifting and revitalizing head high. These sensations soon make their way to the rest of the body, easing all physical tension. It’s an excellent introductory ganja, providing a pleasant experience that won’t overwhelm beginners.

Oregon Peach feminized buds are a sight to behold. They’re a blend of dark and light shades of green and shaped like peppers with orange pistils. The nugs exude a fruity aroma, tempting you to taste, and once you take a toke, you’ll want to grow your own. Crops reach 2?3 ft tall.

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