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Orange Bud is an indica-dominant cultivar with medium yields. Breeders created Orange Bud by carefully back-crossing Skunk #1 phenotypes until they produced this fruity strain. Along with its fantastic flavors, Orange Bud is easy to grow and perfect for beginners looking to get their feet wet.

Orange Bud seeds produce compact, bushy plants reaching heights of 3?4 feet. As the plants move through their short 8-week flowering period, giant, club-like flowers don every branch. Vivid green colas ablaze with blood-orange pistils and a liberal coating of trichomes make Orange Bud a visually stunning strain.

The dried buds are equally attractive in terms of smell. As the name suggests, succulent citrus scents ooze from this cannabis. Despite its indica-dominant composition, Orange Bud delivers a powerful one-two punch of mental and physical effects. The physical properties won?t incapacitate, making Orange Bud suitable for daytime or evening use.

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