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Not to be confused with Amnesia Kush, OG Kush x Amnesia feminized is a high-yielding sativa-dominant hybrid. The combination of these two esteemed cultivars creates a super productive strain with some serious stretch. Left unmanaged, these gigantic females can grow to ten feet tall.

While most Kush hybrids tend to produce mainly indica effects, OG Kush x Amnesia feminized has a powerful cerebral side. Upon smoking, users are greeted with a soaring mental high followed by a calming sense of physical relaxation. Lack of couch-lock makes OG Kush x Amnesia perfect for any time of day.

Growing OG Kush x Amnesia feminized seeds isn?t overly difficult, but inexperienced growers can find it difficult to manage their immense size. Those up to the challenge can bask in the glory of these prodigious plants. Vivid, green buds develop beautiful, flame-colored pistils and a veneer of glistening trichomes as they bloom. The cured buds have a fresh citrus aroma, woodland notes of pine, and a Kush earthiness.

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