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Without a doubt, OG Kush is the most famous and widely-used cannabis strain in the entire world. A perennial favorite of Hollywood celebrities as well as ordinary Joes, its exact origins are shrouded in rumor and speculation. All we know for sure is that it is a descendant of Chemdawg, responsible for its pungent, sour aroma and balanced Indica and Sativa effects. Two other strains, Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush, may have been added to the mix. Going back further, we can trace its genetics all the way back to the Hindu Kush mountain valleys.

Whatever the case may be, it was Josh D (industry pioneer Josh Del Rosso) who gave it the name ?OG? ? the original. It is not the easiest plant to grow, but its exceptional characteristics and high THC content, averaging 23%, have enticed breeders everywhere to use it for creating new strains. OG Kush counts Tahoe OG Kush, San Fernando Valley OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Purple Kush among its many eminent children.

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