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You want to grow OG Kush but noticed the calendar working against you. No worries! Get your hands on some OG Kush feminized fast seeds and start growing before winter comes. These seeds offer the same traits as OG Kush, but you won?t have to wait as long to harvest your garden.

OG Kush is a legendary strain that appeared for the first time in Florida. It soon had all of the West Coast under its spell. With a veil of secrecy over genetics, this indica dominant hybrid packs a blow to your senses with 24% THC and 1% CBD.

OG Kush feminized fast seeds are a challenge worth the effort. This plant tends to be on the small side, growing no larger than 3 feet high under the right conditions. You can choose any setup for your garden, but it?s much easier indoors.

The flowers from OG Kush feminized seeds offer densely packed buds covered in crystalline trichomes. These beauties are a rich visual feast of yellow-green and orange pistils with solid green undertones.

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