Northern Lights x Blueberry Autoflower Seeds


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Northern Lights x Blueberry (or Northern Light Blue) is a thing of beauty in both looks and scents. It is a brilliant cross of two legendary indica-dominant strains. Northern Lights renders its hypnotizing high while Blueberry supplies a captivating aroma to the offspring cultivar.

The smoke of these potent buds fills the nostrils with sweet smells of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. A spicy, skunk element contributes to its complex scent profile. Ruderalis genetics and short flowering period ensure you get delectable buds in record times.

Feel a refreshing cerebral high that improves your mood in a flash after igniting Northern Lights x Blueberry autoflower buds. Users report increased energy levels for a short period?an apt time to complete any leftover tasks. All bets are off once the intense body high sets in. It?s hard to avoid twinkles in your eyes an hour after indulging in this potent cannabis.

Like its parents, Northern Lights x Blueberry autoflower grows to a moderate height yet delivers high yields. The auto version goes from start to finish regardless of light changes

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