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Northern Lights entered the arena in the 80s and has made a name for itself. It has a few High Times Cannabis Cup wins and is one of the most famous indicas on the scene. Northern Lights is the offspring of Afghani, Skunk No.1, and Haze, which are all big names in the 420 community.

Northern Lights is indica dominant and has a high THC percentage, creating a body and mental high out of this world. Your limbs and muscles are relaxed while your brain is running with ideas and thoughts. Northern Lights is the perfect name because the high is the mix of the still of the night, while above are rainbows of colors.

Northern Lights regular seeds mature like a true indica with bushy foliage and dense nugs. The buds glisten with crystal-like trichomes with many yellow pistils, shooting out like stars. The crops stretch from 3 to 6.5 feet.

Northern Lights has the aroma of sweet pine and spicy earthiness. There are undertones of sandalwood, honey, and herbs.

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