Northern Lights Autoflower x Mazar Autoflower Seeds


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Northern Lights x Mazar autoflower seeds are every bit as promising and potent as their parental strains. The breeder created this legend by crossing two iconic cultivars, resulting in a hybrid that produces an acrid aroma and exceptionally potent cannabis. Northern Lights x Mazar entices with a spicy, earthy zing, evoking the flavor of both its parents. When properly cured and dried, this cultivar boasts an irresistible aroma.

Ideal for nighttime use, this cannabis quickly disperses negative thoughts, ushering in a happy, pleasant mental buzz. As time progresses, your muscles begin to relax as you float away on a cloud of bliss. Soon after, drowsiness sets in as you soon feel yourself heeding the Sandman’s call and drift off to la-la land for a great night’s rest.

For cultivators, Northern Lights x Mazar autoflower seeds are a dream come true. Regardless of which growing method you use, these plants grow around 4 feet tall and produce a generous yield of highly potent cannabis.

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