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Take a break from stress and discover your personal slice of tropical paradise with feminized Monkey OG seeds. Don?t let its playful title fool you. These indica-leaning buds have enough power to send the most seasoned smokers to bed. Get the dosage right, and these buds will send your mind and body into a higher dimension.

Feminized Monkey OG owes its creation to two popular US-born cannabis hybrids?Banana Kush and OG Banana. This tantalizing cultivar?s THC levels come in at 23?26%, placing it as one of the most potent variations of the OG lineage. Its indica qualities also make it a brilliant tool for medicinal users.

Crops display large green flowers with bright orange hairs woven throughout. Surrounding these buds is a heavy helping of milky trichomes, signaling the strain?s strength. These nugs give off a fragrance of bananas and freshly cut grass. Smoking them intensifies these delicious flavors, taking you on an unforgettable experience.

Feminized plants don?t get too big, growing to a maximum height of 4.9 feet. Branches have high calyx to leaf ratios, making harvests even easier.

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