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Mochalope stands out as a luxurious delight for Indica enthusiasts, offering a distinctive blend of fragrances and flavors. What sets this dank hybrid apart is its impressive THC content, reaching up to 25%, ensuring a potent and knockout experience.

Originating from a project dedicated to crafting an aromatic hybrid, Mochalope stands in a league of its own with its delightful coffee-like scents. While many cultivars showcase scents of lemon, berry, or grape, Mochalope distinguishes itself with the rare aroma of coffee, inherited from the Oregon Afghani female clone used as its genetic foundation. The narcotic-like qualities of this strain also trace back to the landrace origins of the Oregon Afghani.

The breeder’s strategic choice of a male F1 Chocolope as the pollen donor fulfilled dual objectives. Firstly, it introduced the rare scent of chocolate, which, when combined with the coffee aroma, resulted in a mocha-like fragrance. Secondly, the fusion positively influenced the growth characteristics of the Oregon Afghani, enhancing its overall structural quality.

For those embracing traditional methods, Mochalope is available in regular seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Similar to its feminized counterpart, it boasts a quick flowering time. Although the gender outcome is a 50/50 proposition, this trait is advantageous for those engaging in experimental projects with this unique cultivar. Beyond its experimental appeal, these seeds also play a crucial role in preserving the valuable genetic heritage of Mochalope.

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