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The Sativa-dominant Moby and the Indica-heavy Do-Si-Dos, despite residing at opposite ends of the cannabis spectrum, share several characteristics that have elevated them to top-shelf status. Both strains produce an exceptionally potent and refreshing high with potential therapeutic effects, coupled with prolific yields that make them highly desirable for cultivation. Blending their genetics was a surefire recipe for creating a winning cultivar.

Harpoon Rock inherits Moby’s intense refreshing influence and lofty stature. However, home cultivators need not fret about the plant’s height, as its stretch can be controlled through proper training.

With an average THC concentration ranging from 20 to 24%, Harpoon Rock is a powerhouse cultivar that induces a deeply refreshing buzz after just a hit or two. Its robust effects may assist in alleviating stress, stress, and negativity, accompanied by a subtle psychedelic twist that sparks creativity?an invaluable trait for artists seeking inspiration.

Ideal for daytime use, Harpoon Rock’s stimulating mental effects come with an energizing boost, effectively combating fatigue. As the high gradually diminishes, a mellowing influence sets in. Excessive consumption may lead to a numbing body buzz and trippy cerebral effects. Despite the physical impact, medical cannabis patients have reported the strain’s efficacy in reality relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

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