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Shake off any fatigue and restlessness with the Moby regular strain. Perhaps the name of this plant reminds you of the chill music by the famed DJ, but it’s named after the mythical whale. The strain has the power to make its presence felt with one of the largest THC contents around.

Moby Dick regular?as it’s also known, was born by combining White Widow and Haze. The plant is a sativa powerhouse with no CBD presence. It’s strong enough to make your day last longer than normal. Moby is no cannabis for a first-timer. You need some built-in tolerance to enjoy the experience.

Moby regular plants can grow pretty large at 12 feet high. They need space and proper ventilation. The resulting nugs are dark-green colored with large amber pistils and a thick layer of trichomes. This cultivar offers incredibly generous yields regardless of your setup.

Growing Moby regular seeds provides a mix of male and female plants if you want to try breeding. Otherwise, you need to fish out the males.

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