Moby Dick Autoflower Seeds


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Moby Dick autoflower seeds offer vigorous plants in every sense. The cultivar is a heavy hitter able to uplift the most somber mood with a single puff. This sativa dominant hybrid is perfect to open your mind and help you get to that ideal place where energy and inspiration take over your body.

Moby Dick autoflower is bred by combining White Widow auto and Haze. The combination is spiked with ruderalis genetics to help these seeds grow faster and more compact. These cultivars are heavily charged with THC, contributing to the uplifting feeling you get to experience.

The best part about this combo is a sensation of fulfillment. The ganja from auto Moby Dick seeds doesn’t knock you out after the refreshing rush wears off. Your senses never go adrift, and your body slides into calmness without slipping into a slump.

If you want to grow autoflower Moby Dick seeds, be prepared with the right tools and tons of space. Even with their altered genetics, these plants can easily grow as tall as four feet. They have a robust build, but the weight of their nugs can bend or break the stems. You need to be especially careful if you’re growing in the open.

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