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Mazari Sharif is a city in Afghanistan close to the border with Uzbekistan and is one of the largest ganja hubs in the world. It?s where Mazar feminized has its roots, an indica-dominant hybrid loved by stoners since the 70s?.

The modern version of Mazar feminized was created in the 90s? by mixing Afghani and Skunk#1. The result is one of the sturdiest cannabis plants around, resistant to fungus, mold, and mildew. The crops also make themselves noticeable for their height, reaching 6 feet high in the open air.

Mazar feminized is a popular strain among recreational and medical circles alike. The ganja carries a sweet, fruity-like flavor while boasting a powerful 20% THC content. It offers everything wonderful about a balanced high. You get to experience relief without losing your senses or feeling numb.

Mazar has received accolades after finding its way to the West Coast back in the 90s. The strain won second place in the High Time Cannabis Cup in 1999 and 2002. It also achieved plant of the year 2004 by Soft Secrets Magazine.

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