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Named after the region in Afghanistan, Mazar-I-Sharif, Mazar autoflower is a fusion of Afghani, Skunk, and ruderalis. It’s an indica dominant hybrid, and these properties are evident in both appearance and effects.

Mazar autoflower contains modest THC levels and has a strong terpene profile. The cultivar packs a punch despite the low cannabinoid content. These crops produce compact green buds with orange hues and trichomes, each nug coated in a thick layer of sticky resin. They exude exquisite scents of fruit, hash, and incense.

The strain offers a complex flavor profile hinting at its eastern origins. Mazar autoflower features a blend of sweet and spicy extracts that satiate the senses. The effects occur soon after smoking, with a cerebral rush and refreshing. The sensations induce complete relaxation, and after a few hours, its sedative properties ensure a good night’s sleep.

Mazar autoflower seeds produce an all-female crop. These plants are compact and grow between 2?3 ft. Despite the small structure, they produce generous harvests.

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