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Doesn’t the name ‘Maui Wowi’ already put a smile on your face? We know it does so for us, and that’s even before acknowledging the outstanding attributes this variety brings to the table. A direct descendant of the landrace Hawaiian IBL, these cannabis plants boast a stellar gene pool and impressive characteristics.

This exotic beauty stretches to six feet of lush foliage sprinkled with resin, yielding deep green colas streaked with orange as it matures. Its harvests range from moderate to abundant, each flower bringing the kind of joy that awakens your inner child and rinses away the last speck of worry.
These buds emanate fragrances of sweet fruit at peak ripeness. The effects align with the flavor profile, inducing lively energy, carefree smiles, and absolute comfort. A blunt turns a bleak day on its head and leaves you savoring the mundane as well as festive.
You can now enjoy a tropical oasis in your backyard with our Maui Wowi cannabis seeds. Shop with us to get quality products and lay the groundwork for gardening success.

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