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Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds have origins tracing back to Alaska?s Matanuska Valley. While not a pure landrace, this hybrid is slightly indica-leaning with secret genetics. Some believe it?s the offspring of a Northern Californian sativa x Russian ruderalis blend that was then crossed with Afghani.

Also known as Alaskan Thunder F**k, Matanuska Thunder F**k, and Humble Warrior, Matanuska Tundra is a powerful strain promising effects that are anything but humble. It delivers an electrifying cerebral high that inspires focus and creativity before its narcotic bodily effects creep in.

Matanuska Tundra has all the hallmarks of an indica classic: high resin production, chunky colas, and short, bushy stature. The plant seldom grows higher than 2.5 feet, with plenty of side branches populated by dense oblong buds and lush fan leaves. The fudgy flowers develop a thick coating of trichomes while oozing scents of earth, pine, and chocolate.

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