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Sample the next best thing to the natural vegetation of the Hindu Kush mountains with Master Kush feminized ganja. The overall winner of the 2017 Highlife Cup, and number one in the Kush category, this indica-dominant strain is a favorite among kush lovers. Master Kush feminized is straight out of Amsterdam and delights veteran users with high THC levels and old-school smoke.

Master Kush feminized inherits its superb qualities from a natural indica landrace. Cannabis enthusiasts believe it to be a cross between Hindu Kush x Skunk. The initial refreshing high is soon accompanied by a strong indica mind and body stone, engulfing you in a soothing cocoon of relaxation and happiness.

Master Kush feminized plants are sturdy and compact, with dark green leaves and short stems. They produce copious amounts of resin, soaking the orange pistil-covered buds, and are handy for cannabis growers looking to make hash. The flowers emit strong pine and earthy aromas, reminiscent of the wild landscape of the Hindu region.

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